New Track "Four" and Brand Reboot

2017-01-09 00:30:54 by SuperGoodSound


Hey Folks...

We're now SuperGoodSound. Along with the re-brand there's a new song we've released called "Four":

Give it a spin. Throw us some feedback.


I created a post here in the audio forum but this is so worth repeating as many places as possible:

Everyone anywhere owes it to themselves to watch that. Intently.


Just use it, you will see.

Best freeware limiter ever created....

New song - Midnight Jive!

2011-01-13 15:09:39 by SuperGoodSound
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Bringing the funk home. Thought this one was exceptionally fun so yeah. Enjoy.

New song - Midnight Jive!

There it is...

Go check 'er out! Fun stuff.